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Griswold Foundry, 1890's to 1940's

Griswold Manufacturing is probably the best known vintage and antique cast iron foundry, and likewise the most popular.ย  Brands like Erie, Griswold (the iconic cross logo), Victor, Iron Mountain, Good Health, Alfred Andresen, Puritan and more were produced from the 1890's to 1940's. We sell fully restored Griswold cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, waffle irons, griddles and bakeware.ย  See below for our current selection and more!ย ย 
Griswold Foundry

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Griswold History and Product Line

The very earliest Griswold Foundry pieces were made using the "Erie" logo.ย  They are heat ring style skillets, are light as can be, and are awesome to cook with.ย  They were made into the early first decasde of the 1900's.ย  The iconic Griswold cross style logo began to appear in the 1910's with the "slant logo" version and heat ring.ย  In the 1920's (or so), the "Block logo" with heat ring was produced up and into the 1930's when the heat ring style was abandoned for the smooth bottom skillets.ย  There was both a large block logo and small block logo that were made up until the 40's when they were purchased. ย 
The foundry was eventually purchased by Wagner in the 1940's and is no longer in existence.ย  Here are some direct links to our current Griswold pieces for sale based on cast iron style.


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You will find a wide variety of vintage and antique cast iron skillets, waffle irons, dutch ovens and more! We restore all of our pieces by hand, using all natural, time tested methods to clean each piece down to its original bare iron. We have pieces for the newly converted to cast, the kitchen gourmand, and the avid collector. All of our pieces are ready to use daily, and our selection changes weekly so don't wait too long if you have your eye on a piece! Thanks for visiting our site! - CACB