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Cast & Clara Bell chosen for the Wall Street Journal 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!!


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Like the origin of many businesses, ours grew out of a passion for what we discovered was a misunderstanding about all cast iron cookware. Cast iron cooking is not new, and neither are our vintage, restored items.Β  However up until a few years back, we had looked at cast iron as "heavy" and not user friendly.Β  Because of that belief, our newer pieces just sat unused in the cabinets.Β  Then as a result of a gift given to us a few years ago, a timeless, handcrafted and century old tradition became new again.Β Β 

Clara Bell

Our grandmother, Clara Bell Jones was a Tennessee born southern seamstress that brought her 1930's Lodge #8 skillet and Lodge style "Mystery" Dutch Oven up to Philadelphia, PA.Β  Passing down an heirloom, we were gifted her dutch oven, almost 100 years after it was made.Β  Β We discovered just how much better these handcrafted pieces were.Β  It gave us a new appreciation for the amazing lightness, design and craftsmanship of vintage cast iron cookware and bakeware.Β  Β AND, it fueled our desire to start building our own vintage collections for not only us, but our three boys who will one day inherit collections of their own.Β  From that singular discovery, Cast & Clara Bell was born.Β Β 

Our Restorations

Our passion for these amazing one of a kind pieces carries through in the care and time we put into restoring your cast iron.Β  Our method is an old process and we have learned much from the cast iron communities of restorers that have been doing this a long time.Β  This has become a small family business now which we are grateful to own and grow.Β  Our goal is to share in that love for all things American cast iron.Β 

But it would be hypocritical for us to not tell you that while we have restored thousands of pieces over time, there areΒ two pieces we will never restore,Β Clara's skillet and dutch oven. Those were seasoned with love and lots of bacon.... and knowing her, if she knew we restored her pans, she'd chase us around the house with that #8 for certain.Β