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1800's Antique Iron

Wow! Late 1800's antique Gate marked #9 Round Cast Iron Griddle. Elegant and hard working.

Wow! Late 1800's antique Gate marked #9 Round Cast Iron Griddle. Elegant and hard working.

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For those that are searching for some unique cast iron to add to their collection, consider this round griddle for your next piece! Iron from the 1800's can be difficult to pinpoint exact foundries, so we like to leave it up to your imagination.

Gate marking is the term used to describe where the cast piece is broken off and finished. In describing pieces that were cast prior to very early 1900, Gate Marked pieces refer to castings where the bottom gate mark casting was common. This griddle has been restored and seasoned three times and is ready for the next 150 years!

DISCLAIMER: We have prepared this piece to be ready to use or displayed in a collection. All pieces are vintage, and therefore are not in perfect condition. Their history of use means small marks and inconsistencies, including residual carbon, which we feel give them a special charm. All items are sold as is, and we have done our best to present them as such. Please review all pictures and ask for further clarification if needed. Thank you! - Cast & Clara Bell

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